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  1. by Ross Honsberger / 17:13[share_ebook] Mathematical Gems II
  2. by Daniel B. Rowe / 17:11[share_ebook] Multivariate Bayesian Statistics: Models for Source Separation and Signal Unmixing
  3. by Howard Anton / 17:11[request_ebook] Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications, Student Solutions Manual (9th Edition)
  4. 17:10Probability with Permutations and Combinations: A Deeper and More Thorough Look at the Fundamental Equations
  5. by Mariano Giaquinta / 17:10[share_ebook] Multiple Integrals in the Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Elliptic Systems. (AM-105) (Annals of Mathematics Studies ; No. 105)
  6. by Mariano Giaquinta / 17:10[share_ebook] Multiple Integrals in the Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Elliptic Systems. (AM-105) (Annals of Mathematics Studies ; No. 105)
  7. by Mariano Giaquinta / 17:10[share_ebook] Multiple Integrals in the Calculus of Variations and Nonlinear Elliptic Systems. (AM-105) (Annals of Mathematics Studies ; No. 105)
  8. by David A. Harville / 17:08[share_ebook] Matrix Algebra From a Statistician's Perspective
  9. 17:08[share_ebook] Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
  10. by Douglas R. Martin, Ricardo A. Maronna, Victor J. Yohai / 17:07[share_ebook] Robust Statistics: Theory and Methods

Author / ReadersTop10 Mathematics eBooks:

  1. by Rafael C. Gonzalez, Richard E. Woods, Steven L. Eddins / 1015Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB
  2. by Douglas C. Montgomery, George C. Runger / 984Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers Solutions Manual Data Sets (ISO)
  3. by Gilbert Strang / 979[request_ebook] Introduction to Linear Algebra. 3rd ed
  4. by C. Henry Edwards / David E. Penney / 978[request_ebook] Differential equations and Boundary value problems 4th edition Solution Manual by C. Henry Edwards
  6. by James R. Munkres / 952Topology (Second Edition)
  7. 945[request_ebook] Official Guide for Gmat 11 version
  8. by Boyce, Diprima / 896[request_ebook] Instructor\'s Solutions Manual Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems 8th Edition
  9. by Papoulis / 888[request_ebook] Probability, Random Processes, and Stochastic Processes 4th edition
  10. by Joel L. Schiff / 884The Laplace Transform: Theory and Applications

Added TimeLatest Added Mathematics eBooks:

  1. 2019-12-06Dynamical Systems by Example (Problem Books in Mathematics)
  2. 2019-12-05Functions of Bounded Variation and Their Fourier Transforms (Applied and Numerical Harmonic Analysis)
  3. 2019-12-04Nonlinear Analysis - Theory and Methods (Springer Monographs in Mathematics)
  4. 2019-12-04Analysis as a Life: Dedicated to Heinrich Begehr on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday (Trends in Mathematics)
  5. 2019-12-03Stochastic Disorder Problems (Probability Theory and Stochastic Modelling)
  6. 2019-12-03Probability and Analysis in Interacting Physical Systems: In Honor of S.R.S. Varadhan, Berlin, August, 2016 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics)
  7. 2019-12-03National Subcommissions of ICMI and their Role in the Reform of Mathematics Education (International Studies in the History of Mathematics and its Teaching)
  8. 2019-12-03Undergraduate Algebra: A Unified Approach (Springer Undergraduate Mathematics Series)
  9. 2019-12-02Notes from the International Autumn School on Computational Number Theory (Tutorials, Schools, and Workshops in the Mathematical Sciences)
  10. 2019-12-01Introduction to Interrater Agreement for Nominal Data (Springerbriefs in Statistics)
  11. 2019-11-30Qualitative Analysis of Set-Valued Differential Equations
  12. 2019-11-30Mathematical Models of Higher Orders: Shells in Temperature Fields (Advances in Mechanics and Mathematics)
  13. 2019-11-30Recent Advances in Differential Equations and Applications (SEMA SIMAI Springer Series)
  14. 2019-11-28Handwerkliches für den Mathematikunterricht: Für Lehramtsstudierende, Berufseinsteiger und Seiteneinsteiger (essentials)
  15. 2019-11-28Mathematikaufgaben für Leistungserhebungen im universit?ren Kontext: Grundlegung und empirische Untersuchung von Aufgabenschwierigkeit und individuellen L?sungsprozessen
  16. 2019-11-28(Hoch)Schulmathematik: Ein Sprungbrett vom Gymnasium an die Uni Ed 3
  17. 2019-11-27Statistical Methods for Imbalanced Data in Ecological and Biological Studies (SpringerBriefs in Statistics)
  18. 2019-11-27übungsbuch Mathematik für Wirtschaftswissenschaftler: Aufgabensammlung mit ausführlichen L?sungen Ed 2
  19. 2019-11-27Mathe, M?rkte und Millionen: Plaudereien über Finanzmathematik zum Mitdenken und Mitrechnen Ed 2
  20. 2019-11-26Microlocal Analysis, Sharp Spectral Asymptotics and Applications I: Semiclassical Microlocal Analysis and Local and Microlocal Semiclassical Asymptotics
  21. 2019-11-26Statistical Mechanics of Classical and Disordered Systems: Luminy, France, August 2018 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics)
  22. 2019-11-26Proof Technology in Mathematics Research and Teaching (Mathematics Education in the Digital Era)
  23. 2019-11-26Mathematical Foundations of Game Theory (Universitext)
  24. 2019-11-26Geometric and Harmonic Analysis on Homogeneous Spaces: TJC 2017, Mahdia, Tunisia, December 17–21 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics)
  25. 2019-11-26Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics (Texts in Applied Mathematics) Ed 2
  26. 2019-11-25Loewner's Theorem on Monotone Matrix Functions (Grundlehren der mathematischen Wissenschaften)
  27. 2019-11-25Technology in Mathematics Teaching: Selected Papers of the 13th ICTMT Conference (Mathematics Education in the Digital Era)
  28. 2019-11-25A Celebration of the EDGE Program’s Impact on the Mathematics Community and Beyond (Association for Women in Mathematics Series)
  29. 2019-11-25Contemporary Research in Elliptic PDEs and Related Topics (Springer INdAM Series)
  30. 2019-11-24Descriptive Geometry, The Spread of a Polytechnic Art: The Legacy of Gaspard Monge (International Studies in the History of Mathematics and its Teaching)
  31. 2019-11-24Heyting Algebras: Duality Theory (Trends in Logic)
  32. 2019-11-24Positivity and Noncommutative Analysis: Festschrift in Honour of Ben de Pagter on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday (Trends in Mathematics)
  33. 2019-11-23Introduction to Topology
  34. 2019-11-23School Mathematics Curricula: Asian Perspectives and Glimpses of Reform (Mathematics Education – An Asian Perspective)
  35. 2019-11-23Hecke’s L-functions: Spring, 1964 (SpringerBriefs in Mathematics)
  36. 2019-11-23Stochastic Models, Statistics and Their Applications: Dresden, Germany, March 2019 (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Band 294)
  37. 2019-11-22Advanced Engineering Mathematics Ed 4
  38. 2019-11-22On Stein's Method for Infinitely Divisible Laws with Finite First Moment (SpringerBriefs in Probability and Mathematical Statistics)
  39. 2019-11-21Advanced Mathematics: A Transitional Reference
  40. 2019-11-21Jacobi-Like Forms, Pseudodifferential Operators, and Quasimodular Forms


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